Nightmare of Christmas past

Graham family feat

For the past five years Nicci has not had a happy Christmas. “When you struggle to have a family, Christmas is the single worst time of the year,” she says, “All your friends are posting pictures on social media of their kids in Nativity plays, dressed up as angels, and however much you try to smile and share in their happiness and fun, it is really difficult because deep down you know you won’t be enjoying a family Christmas with your own children.”Continue reading

Fertility Show 2014: Still not pregnant?


The Fertility Show 2014 features seminars that offer advice to those who are trying for a baby and are still not pregnant. Dr Thomas Mathews, UK Medical Director of Bourn Hall. the world’s first IVF clinic, will be discussing the common causes of infertility and the main approaches for treatment in his seminar on Saturday 1st November at 245pm.Continue reading

Bourn Hall Clinic launches Fertility MOT service


Most of the patients we see at Bourn Hall Clinic did not realise they had a problem with their fertility until they had been trying to conceive for some time. This is because many issues associated with difficulties conceiving, for example having a low/zero sperm count or blocked fallopian tubes, often have no other symptoms which would have lead to an earlier diagnosis. (more…)Continue reading