Conception without IVF – free fertility event for nurses

Leona Crookston, Rachel Hunter and Dr Nikos Polydoropoulos

Bourn Hall’s Fertility Health and Well-being team: Leona Crookston, Rachel Hunter and Dr Nikos Polydoropoulos

How much do you know about the causes of infertility? Do you know what advice to give about improving chances of pregnancy? Do you know what treatment options are available?

Nurses have increasingly more responsibility within primary practice and fertility care is an area where many feel under-prepared. To help, Bourn Hall is offering a free event on Saturday 4th March at the Cambridge clinic for healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of all aspects of fertility treatment.

About 1 in 6 people will have a fertility issue. The support of a well-informed nurse is one of the factors frequently identified by our patients as making a huge difference to their fertility journey.

Bourn Hall is a world-renowned centre of fertility excellence. It provides advice at all stages of the journey to parenthood and offers a full range of fertility tests and treatments for NHS and self-funded patients. Most people having difficulty conceiving do not need IVF but may need a helping hand along the way.

Dr Nikos Polydoropoulos, Lead Clinician at Bourn Hall Cambridge says: “Within general practice, you can’t be a specialist in everything but having some background knowledge is very helpful. Being able to recognise a poor semen sample or the symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) – a very common cause of female infertility – at an early stage will accelerate appropriate treatment for the patient.

“Also lifestyle advice such as cutting out alcohol and smoking can make a visible difference to the quality of sperm in just three months, and improving diet, losing weight and taking dietary supplements can overcome infertility that results from PCOS.

BH in January“Sometimes infertility is the first indication of an underlying health problem in an otherwise healthy individual, for example women with PCOS can develop diabetes. The condition is difficult to diagnose if you are not familiar with it.

“At Bourn Hall we think that a closer working between fertility specialists, GPs and Practice Nurses will allow patients to take early action and prevent future health issues.”

80% of healthy couples will conceive within one year of unprotected sex. However, if a couple fails to conceive after two years, regardless of their youth, the reasons should be investigated and patients advised accordingly. This may take the form of lifestyle advice or medication and it may result in the referral for surgery or assisted conception treatments ranging from Ovulation Induction to IVF.

All of this will be explained at this event which will be lively and informal with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

This free event on 4th March at Bourn Hall Clinic Cambridge can count towards your revalidation portfolio. To register email