Embryology team presents at ACE

Embryology feat

The embryology department at Bourn Hall Clinic is continually evaluating its approach to treatment and looking at ways to further improve its excellent success rates. The team will be presenting results from a recent evaluation at the Association of Clinical Embryologists conference (ACE) on 5-6 January 2016.Continue reading

Three-parent IVF misleading term


The term ‘three-parent’ baby is very misleading according to Bourn Hall Clinic Medical Director Dr Thomas Mathews. He says: “The baby will only have two parents, its biological mother and its biological father, and from them the baby will inherit the vast majority 99.9% of its genes and characteristics.”Continue reading

Australian Study Into Implications of IVF Treatment


There has been much media interest this weekend over the announcement of results from an Australian study. The research aimed to see if there was a link between reproductive technologies and the risk of birth defects.  It concluded that, once adjustments were made for parental factors, there is no significant difference in the risk between IVF and natural conception. (more…)Continue reading