Coping with Christmas: be kind to yourself

christmasfeat When you’re trying unsuccessfully to conceive, coping with Christmas can be difficult as everything is focused on cheerful smiling families – the shopping, the adverts, the tinsel, trees and carols, says Kate Brian of Infertility Network UK. All too often people are left feeling miserable and lonely as they “get through” another Christmas – but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to still enjoy the festive season but you just need to make sure that you do it in your own way. (more…) Continue reading

Why can’t I get pregnant?

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If you have been trying for baby for a while you might be asking “Why can’t I get pregnant?” especially if everyone around you are having babies.  If you would like to get some advice from fertility experts then Bourn Hall’s Fertility Awareness Campaign will be of interest to you.Continue reading