Fertility Awareness Week: Top tips for getting pregnant


If you want to be pregnant, Dr Thomas Mathews, UK Medical Director at Bourn Hall Clinic, says that there are many things that couples can do themselves to improve their chances of conceiving. Providing evidence that you are aware of these and have acted upon them will help your GP to agree the next steps with you, particularly if you have been trying to get pregnant for two or more years. (more…)Continue reading

10 things I would tell my younger self about infertility

things I would tell my younger self about infertility

Though time has passed, I vividly remember how much three years of infertility consumed me — body and spirit. It became a kind of lens through which I viewed the entire world. I look back at pictures of myself at a friend’s wedding, and I recollect not so much of the dancing/food/festivity, but rather trying to endure the multitude of wink-wink inquiries about when my husband and I would have our own children. Infertility is not a blur. I can conjure it all: the waiting, the uncertainty, the cyclical despair, the social dread, the physical discomfort.Continue reading